Hi Everyone,

I started this blog when I was working for myself.  A couple years ago I got a “real job” working for someone else because I had a son in college and another one getting ready to go and I needed a more steady and reliable income stream.  I have not had the time to create new blog articles and I’ve barely had enough time to reply to the comments on the existing articles.  I was going to take the blog down, but people seem to still find some use in it and it still gets 10-20 hits per day.

If you leave a comment asking a question, please know that it may be a while before I get to it.  Also, please be aware that as a consultant, I sell my time.  A lot of comments I get are basically people asking me to design all or part of their system for them (for free).  I probably will not reply to those.  Sorry.

For more information on the topic, I encourage you to check out my book:  HVAC 1.0 – Introduction to Residential HVAC Systems.  In California, our utilities are excellent resources for training.  Check them out.  If your specific utility doesn’t offer it, try one of the others.  You may have to travel a little bit, but they are usually free or very cheap and open to anyone.

Thanks for all you support and positive feedback.